Solange Knowles Captures the Tone of “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes in the Sky” in Visually Stunning Videos [Watch]

Solange Knowles debuted her latest album,  A Seat at the Table and its beautiful. The singer accompanied beautiful songs, with visually stunning videos. The music video for “Don’t Touch My Hair”, and “Cranes in the Sky” just dropped. “Don’t Touch My Hair” showcases the singer with a group of women donning beautiful eccentric hairstyles. The juxtaposition between the woman, along a grand backdrop feels gigantic, yet underwhelming at the same time. The singer seems to follow the same the approach in “Cranes in the Sky”, where the singer traverses through large spaces, inside and out. The singer takes time to focus on the camera at the end of or the beginning of a salacious lyric. A Seat at the Table is the singer’s third album.



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