The Woody & Wilcox Show


The Woody and Wilcox show is known for a couple of things: Being a little bit smarter than you thought they’d be, and for also not being as chubby as you thought they’d be.  They are all about breaking out of the normal expectations of the typical mornings show.  How do they do it?  Two things: A lack of personal privacy, and a lack of sleep.  It is a winning combination that leads to comedy.  Not comedy in the sense of just laughing.  This is comedy that makes you laugh, think, and thank God that you’re not like Woody.  Yes.  That type of comedy.

Woody and Wilcox were born on opposite sides of the country and are definitely on opposite sides of most discussions, but what makes them different is what makes it work.  Woody is from LA, Wilcox is from DC—they joined forces in San Diego in 2003 and the rest is history!

Woody & Wilcox aren’t just passionate about radio!  In their spare time, they partner with NoDa Brewing to create custom beers and host various events throughout the year.  They are also heavily involved with Purple Heart Homes, providing housing solutions for disabled and aging Veterans across the country.

Woody and Wilcox can be reached by hitting these numbers and letters in order on your phone: 1-844-4-WWSHOW (that’s 1-844-499-7469 for those of you alphanumerically challenged).

Woody’s greatest fear is over-bidding at an auction.  Wilcox is afraid of cotton balls.  Chelsea once dated a guy named Stuart Turnipseed.